Nursery Rhymes and Songs With Peppa Pig

Week 1

We are now on to our 6th book in Easy Peasy Pods this year and for this book we are having fun enjoying nursery rhymes and songs with Peppa Pig!

This book is a great book for young children to enjoy as it has fun illustrations to go along with each traditional nursery rhyme as well as original songs from the Peppa Pig series such as Grandpa’s little train and the Bing Bong song! Each illustration has the words for each song printed with it so you and your little ones can learn the words, the book also comes with a CD which has 13 songs on it for your little ones to sing along to.

For our first session this week we looked through the book with our parents and their babies, showing them all the fun colourful images. We also played the CD which the little ones really enjoyed listening to the music and having fun to their favourite songs. We also found some musical instruments which we all played along to the music. The children really enjoyed this as it was fun for them to learn about the instruments and the different sounds they could make by banging the drum, shaking the maracas and crashing the mini cymbals.

Overall we had a great session and are looking forward to exploring the musical world over the next few weeks.

Week 2

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been continuing to explore the musical theme and have been making our own instruments!

After showing our mums and babies the nursery rhyme book again and looking through the fun Peppa Pig illustrations we had some fun listening to the nursery rhymes and Peppa Pig songs on CD and decided to make our own musical instruments for the children to play with.

We have been having fun making musical shakers. We used various containers such as bottles and tins along with different fillings such as rice, chickpeas and lentils to make lots of shakers with different sounds. We had a lot of fun creating our shakers and decorating them and the babies enjoyed playing with these and making lots of noise!

This was a great activity for our mums and babies, the mums enjoyed the craft side of making shakers for their children and decorating them in a fun way and the children enjoyed exploring all the different sounds they could make with these.

Week 3

This week for we have been exploring the different sounds and noises we could make using different household items.

We found a collection of items that could be found in the house such as cups, boxes, bottles etc. and used these to play along to the nursery rhymes CD.

Our little ones had fun in this session making lots of noise and found it quite amusing to see the different noises that each item made. We have been having lots of fun singing along to the different songs and nursery rhymes and it has been nice to see the babies enjoying the musical instruments and dancing along to the music.

Week 4

This week we have been exploring a new sound to make music with and have been making rain sticks.

We chose to make rain sticks as this is a gentler sound for the younger babies to enjoy and also can be quite soothing. To make our rain sticks we use some plastic bottles and filled these with pipe cleaners and other materials; we then added in rice, lentils and chickpeas. As the bottles are tipped upside down these then get caught up in the pipe cleaners and other materials to recreate the sound of rain falling.

Our younger babies really enjoyed these as they create a calmer and more soothing sound for them to enjoy as they tipped and rolled the bottles around. Our mums also continue to enjoy getting creative and making something new for their children to play with.

Week 5

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we took a break from making music and have  been doing some art. Our mums and babies used the time during the session to listen to the nursery rhymes CD and make a special Easy Peasy Pods sign for our parent and child room. The room has recently been rearranged and some new toys and activities have been put out so the girls decided to make a sign for the room to show that this is their space and to show what we do in the room.

The mums and babies had a lot of fun getting messy with some paint placing marks and hand prints over the sign that was made and this is now hanging proudly in the parent and child room.

Week 6

It’s our final week of exploring nursery rhymes and songs and we have had a lot of fun with this book playing with different musical instruments, making our own musical toys and singing along to the nursery rhymes and songs from Peppa Pig.

This week the mums and babies wanted to have fun playing with all the different musical instruments we have; this includes drums, tambourines, xylophones, maracas and more. Our little ones had lots of fun seeing how much noise they could make and what the different instruments did.

We also recently had some donations of clothes, toys and other items given to us so the girls used this chance to have a look through what was available and quite a few of our mums and babies came away with some new items which they were very thankful for.