Goodnight Moon

What is Goodnight Moon About?


This gentle bedtime story, which has lulled generations of children to sleep, it is the perfect first book to share at bedtime.

In a great green room a little bunny is tucked up snugly and safely in bed and is getting ready to say goodnight to all the familiar things in his room, one by one.


Week 1

We have begun reading Goodnight Moon and concentrating on routines, especially for bedtime. The parents have been discussing the struggles they’ve experienced when it comes to settling their little ones. Studies have shown that children who do not have a regular bed time were more likely to suffer with behavioural and emotional problems.

After reading, this week’s activity was to make a star mobile that the parents can hang above the baby’s cot/bed. The residents that joined the group this week painted and designed the mobile with moon, star and cloud shapes. Let’s hope that once dry and hanging above the babies bed the mobile will help send them off to the land of nod. We also had both a new parent and child resident join us and and a new staff member this week so it was nice to get to know them both.


Week 3

For week 3 of Goodnight moon and we have been making sensory play from foam and paint. We got our babies to make marks in the foam and then transferred the foam onto a card with some paint. We then added glue into our foam so it would dry with a bumpy effect on the card.