We’re Going On An Egg Hunt

Week 1

Our second book for Easy Peasy Pods is We’re going on an egg hunt. We will be doing 6 weeks of activities around the theme of spring.

for the first week we have got the residents to decorate pots that they can use to grow cress seeds in. The residents all enjoyed creating different pots using card, pens and pencils. They all came up with different ideas. We look forward to watching our cress grow over the next few days before we can eat what we have grown.

The residents and their children enjoyed the playing and socialising together.


Week 2

Another week of getting messy with paint. This time the parents and babies painted their hands and feet to make springtime bumblebees and butterflies.

The parents got stuck in and started painting and tickling the babies feet before getting their young ones to walk across the paper leaving behind a perfect shape for the bumblebee and butterfly bodies before drawing on strips, antennas and wings.


Week 3

This week we have planned activites around easter and  got the residents to make Easter nests. They enjoyed talking about what the easter eggs and nest meant to them and talked about making these when they were younger and enjoyed sharing this experience with their babies.

In this safe environment the babies are able to explore there senses of touch, taste and smell, whilst developing their fine motor skills handling the paper cake cases and picking up the mixture in their hands.


Week 4

We are making Easter chicks and Easter baskets this week. We encouraged the residents and their babies to get messy using the paint to decorate the eggs for the Easter baskets they were making.

We created an Easter chick using yellow wool and talked about the significance of baby animals and Easter. We sat and read the book and saw all the baby animals and talked about what we could see.

The residents created Easter baskets using card and filled them with tissue paper, ready to place their eggs in.


Week 5

For week 5 of we’re going on an Egg Hunt, we have got the residents to create Easter cards. We have encouraged them to make these so they can send them to family members who they do not get to see every day or to reconnect with others.

We read the book to the residents children while they created their cards and sat talking about what their plans for the Easter weekend were and who they were planning on spending time with.


Week 6

This week we welcomed Emma back from the Wellington children’s Centre who brought along messy trays for our residents and their babies to enjoy. Using the theme from the book of exploring and finding things the babies were encouraged to use their hands to explore the different content of the tray and find all the different things that had been hidden in the tray.

Activity Cards