We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Week 1

We have started reading We’re going on a bear hunt for this set of Easy Peasy Pods sessions and we are looking forward to the changes in the seasons.

After beginning to read the book we got down to some messy play to encourage the children’s sensory play. We cut out leaf shapes from sponges and used our hand prints for printing pictures. Once they had dried we cut them out and added them to our window display of art work so far.

Week 2

For this weeks session we have been making portable, no mess sensory play bottles. It has given the babies the opportunity to investigate items that are not yet safe for them to get their little fingers on.

We filled the bottle with plenty of glitter, water, oil and colourful beads. Once the bottles were filled we popped the lids back on and securely sealed them with a little duct tape to ensure they were baby proof. The babies were then given the bottles to play with and they bit them, chewed them, threw them, clawed at them and appeared mesmerised by the glitter.

Week 5

We’re now coming towards the end of reading We’re going on a bear hunt and this week we have been playing in the water. The Mum’s and Dad’s made sponge boats with colourful sails and let their babies splash around in a make shift boat yard. Although the boats didn’t last too long as they were pulled apart and chewed by teething babies.