Busy Beach

Week 1

Busy Beach is a fun interactive book which is designed to really get children involved. It’s fun simple rhyming text explores what happens at the Beach and children can work on their fine motor skills by pushing, pulling and turning the tabs in the book to see people building sandcastles, kicking a beach ball and more.

We read through the book and got all the children involved pushing and pulling the tabs to explore the different illustrations and see what happens which they all enjoyed.

For our activity this week we decided to do what most people enjoy at the beach, water play!! As it was still quite warm we got a couple of big containers out, filled them with water and let the children play about with toys and various containers to tip the water out. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed as not only did it give a chance for the little ones to cool down but they had fun splashing about, playing with the various toys and pouring water out of different containers.

Week 2

After reading through the book with the children and exploring more of what happens at Busy Beach we decided to continue water play. We adapted this activity from water play and made soapy sea foam for the children to play with.

This was a new sensory experience for them as the foam was made with a bit of corn flour which gave the foam a harder, firmer texture. Our little ones enjoyed this experience as it was a new feeling for them to get to grips with and they enjoyed playing around in it.

We are having a lot of fun with this book as it is very interactive. The push & pull tabs in the book give our little ones a chance to work on their fine motor skills whilst keeping their interest in what is happening in the book as each tab reveals a new part to the story about what is happening in Busy Beach. The children are also having fun with the activities and are excited to see what beach theme activity we are doing each week.

Week 3

This week in Easy Peasy Pods for Busy Beach we have been exploring the ocean theme more with Frozen ocean rice. After reading through the book again we got out our messy play trays and set out some blue frozen rice to look like the ocean. We placed various ocean themed toys in the rice for the children to play with such as boats and water themed animals to make it more exciting.

The children loved this activity as they enjoyed pouring the rice out of different containers and feeling this fall between their fingers and toes. Freezing the rice gave this a different feel as well and so the children enjoyed the cool texture when they started then as they continued to play it became warmer it had a different feel.

Week 4

This week for Busy Beach in Easy Peasy Pods we have been building sand castles using moon sand. We have been continuing our sea side theme and have made some moon sand for the little ones to play with.

We tipped this out on to a big tray and found some small moulds and bucket and spades to play with in the sand. This was a fun activity for our youngest residents as playing with the sand was a new experience for them and although they found this weird at first they were soon getting their hands stuck in. We used moon sand as this is safer for children as it is made of edible ingredients so doesn’t matter if they were to put this in their mouth and it has a finer, softer texture. Our residents had fun playing in the sand and making shapes using the little moulds.

Week 5

This week for Easy Peasy Pods reads Busy Beach we have taken our activities out of YMCA and took a trip to the local seaside!

We took some of our residents and their children on a trip to the local seaside for the day to enjoy all the various activities you can find at the beach for real after their practices during our messy play sessions. This included building sandcastles, splashing in the sea and enjoying chips and ice cream.

We took the train to the seaside and the children found this fascinating and really enjoyed looking out of the windows to see what they could spot on the journey. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t turn out to be as nice as we were hoping however all still enjoyed a lovely day out with lots of puddle jumping, games in the arcades and of course, chips & ice cream!