10,9,8…Owl’s Up Late!

Week 1

We are now on our 7th book for the Easy Peasy Pods year and for the next 6 weeks we will be reading 10,9,8…Owl’s Up Late!

This book is about 10 cheeky little owls who are too excited to go to sleep. This is a fun book to work on with young children as it has a few different features for children to enjoy and learn from. We started the session as always by reading through the book with the parents and their children. The children enjoyed listening to the fun rhyming text and looking at the colourful illustrations of the Owl’s in their tree. On each page there was also some cut out shapes which the children enjoyed looking through as they had 2 different purposes; they highlighted a different owl on each page to show which little owl Mummy owl was trying to get to sleep next, and once you turned the page it then revealed other creatures that lived in the tree with the owls. The book is also a good one to read with slightly older children as it encourages them to count the owls on each page so you can keep track of how many little owls Mummy owl still has to get to bed.

For our activity this week we have been decorating some owl biscuits. We decided to do this as a slightly different craft activity and as we had a few teething youngsters thought this would be something they would enjoy to help them with their pain, plus it made a nice tasty treat.

We used a variety of different biscuits that would be easy for our young ones to eat such as rich tea biscuits and used icing and some food colouring to make owl faces on the biscuits. This was a fun activity and was enjoyed by all as it gave them a chance to get messy and make some tasty treats.


Week 2

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been making owl photo frames. We read through the story again and took inspiration from the different owl’s in the story to make our photo frames.

Our parents enjoyed this activity as it gave them a chance to make a different type of keep sake for their children. We used templates to cut out the shapes of the owls and then used some extra card to make wings, these were then attached with pins so they could be moved to hide and reveal a picture.

We had a lot of fun making and decorating these owls and some parents took these away with them and some decided to leave their owls in the parent and child room to decorate the walls.


Week 3

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been looking at our own bed time routines and been doing some

calming play with lavender scented rice.

We decided on this activity as lavender smells are used quite a lot in bedtime routines and thought this would

be nice to incorporate in to play to help calm the babies down in the lead up to bed time.

The little ones were not too sure of this activity to start with as the rice had a bit of a strange texture that they hadn’t felt before but they soon got used to it and got their hands stuck in.


Week 4

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been getting crafty and making owls and other creatures from the Owl’s Up Late book to decorate our parent and child room with.

Our mums and babies wanted to make some more decorations for the room to make it look a little livelier and so that the arts and crafts they do could be put on display. We had a lot of fun in this session using our templates to cut out different owl shapes and decorating these with lots of different sensory materials such as feathers. The little ones enjoyed the different textures in the materials and had fun playing with the soft feathers, crinkly tissue paper and spongy felt. This was a good sensory experience for them as it gave them a chance to play with different objects and explore different materials.

During the session we made a tree for the owls to live in, along with some more owls and other creatures such as a squirrel to live in our tree. We have put this on the wall in the parent and child room which has really brightened the space up and given the children some more fun things to look at.


Week 5

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have continued to look at bedtime routines and discussing other ways to help children calm down for bed time as we know mummy Owl is having trouble getting her little owls to bed in this book.

We have looked at what different things children have at bedtime to help them get to sleep and one thing we identified was the use of hanging mobiles. For our activity after the book we decided to make our own mobiles for the mums to hang in the babies’ room to help them calm down and settle to sleep.

We used different card and shapes to make these and a lot of the mums settled on making moon and star mobiles. The mums enjoyed this activity and have had a lot of fun during our recent sessions making lots of different toys, activities and keep sakes for their children. The little ones really enjoyed this session also and were very happy with their new mobiles. We also made a few extra to hang up in the parent and child room along with the tree and owls that are decorating the room.


Activity Cards