Sleep Easy Volunteer

Ipswich Sleep Easy

When: 8th March 2019

Where: Ipswich Town Football Club

Cambridge Sleep Easy

When: 29th March

Where: St Catharines College Sports Ground

What is it?

Sleep Easy is a national YMCA fundraising initiative. The aim is simple: spend a night challenging yourself to sleep rough, raising money to help change the lives of vulnerable young people. Since we started Sleep Easy events in 2015 we have raised over £20,000 in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Funds have gone towards projects such as welcome packs for each resident to help them settle in to their new home.


What is homelessness?

Over 3,500 people sleep rough in the UK every night. Hidden homelessness is a major problem in the UK with over 80,000 young people face homelessness every year, three times official figures.

Homelessness is defined by the Government as ‘having no permanent home to go to’. The reality is you don’t have to be on the streets to be considered homeless, many homeless young people ‘sofa surf’ relying on the goodwill of others for a bed for the night and in some cases many years.

Imagine how you would cope if you became homeless through no fault of your own. Maybe you were fleeing an arranged marriage? Or escaping from physical, mental or sexual abuse? Or your parent has found a new partner who simply doesn’t want you around? Where would you go? How isolated would you feel?


Your Role in Sleep Easy 2019:
Volunteering to be part of Team YMCA you will be part of a valuable fundraising event that will help change the lives of homeless young people in the local community. As part of Team YMCA, you may be asked to undertake the following:

– Welcoming and registering Sleep Easy participants.
– Car park support
– Stewarding
– Helping with catering and entertainment
– Collecting donations during the event
– Helping to promote the event on social media
– Helping with the setting up and the cleaning up the location

Team YMCA volunteers will be asked to sleep over with the participants. We will create a rota of shifts so you can get some rest throughout the evening. We will provide you will food and drink throughout the event. however if you are unable to sleep out but would still like to get involved don’t hesitate to contact us.


Who are Team YMCA?

Anyone can become a member of Team YMCA. We are simply looking for people over 16 years of age who are reliable and responsible and who want to make a difference for a young person in the city. Team YMCA members should also have good communications skills, be respectful, fast learning and enjoy working as part of a team. Team YMCA members should have a passion for our charitable cause and want to make a difference.

Why Volunteer for Team YMCA?

Becoming a member of Team YMCA will help make a difference to hundreds of young people in our area. YMCA Trinity Group has been working in the area since 1852 to help young people reach their full potential. We work with individuals and families within the community by providing a range of opportunities through our programmes and interventions which include: Housing, Health & Fitness, Youth Projects, Nurseries, Youth Justice services, Mental Health Counselling, Employability programmes, Volunteering and much more.

Becoming a Team YMCA member will help you gain confidence, meet new people and make new friends, be part of a community, learn new skills, take on a challenge and most importantly have FUN.


If you would like to become a member of Team YMCA and get involved with this exciting event please Contact