Legacies & Grants

A gift to YMCA England in your Will is a lasting commitment that could make a wonderful impact on future generations.

After making provisions for your family and friends, by remembering YMCA England in your Will, you will be helping to ensure that homeless and vulnerable young people always have somewhere to turn to for years to come.




Q: What type of gift should I leave?

A: With a residuary gift, you can leave a percentage or the whole of your remaining estate, once all debts and other gifts have been paid. Many supporters choose a residuary legacy because it keeps pace with inflation and it’s a way to make sure that everyone can be considered.

Choose a pecuniary gift, and you will specify a sum of money to leave YMCA, but it could be significantly affected by inflation.

Any gift, whatever the size, will make an enormous difference to the life of a young person who has nothing.


Q: Do I need to draw up a new Will?

A: If you have a Will and just want to add a gift to YMCA, you can simply add a Codicil. You should ask your solicitor to help you ensure your wishes are known and acted upon, or you can contact YMCA on 020 7186 9518 to request a Codicil form.


Q: Do I need a solicitor?

A: We advise you to consult a solicitor whether you’re making or changing your Will. This way you can be sure that instructions are clear and your wishes can be carried out. You can find a solicitor in your area by visiting the Law Society website or by calling 020 7320 5650 (Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm).


Q: Who should I choose as executor?

A: Consider whether a close friend or family member is the right person to ensure your wishes are carried out. Some people choose to pay a bank or a solicitor to act as executor.


Q: What is inheritance tax?

A: Some estates are liable for inheritance tax. You can find the latest details on the gov.uk website.