Gemma tells us about her apprenticeship story with YMCA

In the latest installment from our apprenticeship team we hear from Youth Worker Gemma. Gemma tells us about the fun she has at work, as well as the support her team offer.


“My name is Gemma and I’m an apprentice based in Lowestoft. I saw the apprenticeship advertised online and I’ve always had a passion for working with young people so I decided to apply, I chose YMCA because I have previously done work experience in both of the Lowestoft nurseries so I knew the company was reliable and all the staff at the time were really friendly.

My favourite part of the apprenticeship so far is carrying out the youth sessions, I really enjoy seeing the regular young people every week and hearing about how they’re doing at school and at home. A great experience that I’ve had would be when we done a fundraising event at Morrison’s with some of the children who come to our sessions, all of the children were really well-mannered, we all had a few giggles and everyone just had a really good time.

I’ve really enjoyed learning how to cook new recipes when doing the cooking sessions, we cook a lot of foods that I wouldn’t normally cook at home and I feel a lot more comfortable in the kitchen now compared to when I first started. I feel grateful to have a really good team of people around me, I know that if I ever need help with anything I can always ask and someone would be happy to give me advice.

For anyone who thinks that a youth work apprenticeship is all about playing with the children I think they should know that It comes with many other strings attached such as setting up and clearing away before and after session, going to the allotment in all types of weather, completing all the school visits and also making sure all the children are safe at all times but this is what makes the job and I thoroughly enjoy all aspects.  

I hope to stay working within youth work/ childcare after I’ve completed my apprenticeship, I am looking forward to completing and hopefully passing my GCSE Maths which I’m doing alongside my apprenticeship. I’d advise to anyone who Is looking to apply for an apprenticeship to familiarise yourself with the company, this will help you to have a better understanding and you’ll get a rough idea of what you’re expected to do, this makes it a lot easier to go into a new job role.”


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