Friends cross the finishing line in 1,200 mile challenge

After 31 half marathons each, equating to over 1,200 miles between them, three friends have completed their incredible challenge!


Brad, Michael and Jamie decided to run a half marathon every day last month to raise money for our Access to Employment service in memory of Brad’s father, Glenn who sadly passed away last January. Glenn was an inspirational and popular figure at YMCA Trinity Group and helped form the A2E programme in 2016.


Reflecting on after completing the challenge, Brad said: “What a month that was, I can’t believe that we got to the end in one piece. I am overwhelmed by the support we received from family, friends and strangers. It was truly incredible.

The money we have received so far is phenomenal and I know that every penny will make a huge difference to helping give young people an opportunity. It is truly heartwarming, knowing that I am able to help raise funds for something that was such a big part of my dad’s life. Now to let our bodies recover before we start training for the next challenge…”


Brad had the help of his two friends who kept him focused and motivated before and after every run.


A jubilant Jamie gave his thoughts, “Over the moon to get the challenge finished. It has been a massive privilege to take part with Brad and Michael and to raise funds for such a great cause. Good days and bad days like with anything but always kept pushing. Knowing the running was for a fantastic charity, always gave me the extra push I needed during the last few miles. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”


While Michael summarised his experience, “31 days, 31 half marathons, 406 miles each, 1218 miles in total. I wore my funky shorts for the finale, seeing as though it’s for charity. Not quite how I imagined spending my 25th birthday, but at least it will be memorable, for more reasons than one. Desperately wanted to be running a few of these with Brad and Jamie, today in particular, but it is what it is.

It’s been a hard month both physically and mentally, but I’ve strangely enjoyed it, nonetheless. I know I speak for the other two when I say the main motivator pushing us throughout this month has been the amazing support everyone has shown, and the all money donated to a special cause (still not too late to donate). Big shoutout to Brad for pitching the idea to Jamie and myself after we’d had a few beers, making it far harder for us to say no.

I personally do not enjoy being furloughed, and find it difficult to find any positives of it, however it did come at the perfect time to make the running that little bit easier, and give my days some structure/routine.

A massive massive thank you to everyone who donated!!! There were a lot of anonymous ones so we haven’t had a chance to thank everyone personally, but I know it truly does mean a lot, particularly to Brad and his family.

Onto the next one…


Although the original fundraising target was £1,218, expectations have been exceeded due to the fantastic generosity from friends, family and anonymous supporters. Brad and his friends have raised just over £5000!


A big congratulations to all three of you, Glenn would have been really proud!