Fireworks display attended by residents

On Saturday 2 November, residents from CYPS, UASC and Gibson Lodge attended the Christchurch Fireworks display in Ipswich.

Once everyone met up, they decided to head straight to the stage to listen to the live music. After they had a dance or two, they took photos alongside the bonfire pit so they had a memento to take from the night.

There was also a funfair where most of the young people had a go on the rides, some even said it was their first time ever on a funfair ride, and they loved it.

The main event began at 8pm and everyone headed over to watch and enjoy the fireworks display.

After the display, the young people had a look around the stalls and Amanda from Gibson Lodge decided to get a Henna Tattoo.

All of the residents enjoyed their night out at the fireworks display as they got to meet new people from other projects and had the opportunity to experience new things.