Feeding the bears at Airplay

Here is a great story from Denise Barr regarding the Airplay Project at RAF Wyton:

After I saw a message on RAF Wyton wives page asking for fruit for Johnson’s farm to help feed their bears, I spoke to our youth group to see if they would be willing to help.

They thought it would be a great idea to pick the fallen apples and pears up from outside and use them to help feed the bears!

We contacted Johnsons to ensure that they did, indeed, need the fruit and they said they would love it.

All of our young people participated, we sorted out the rotten apples and threw them away because after all we only wanted to take the best for the bears. It was great to have conversations about bugs etc. between us all while we were doing the sorting and we have now taken fruit up three times.

It has been lovely to help keep these beautiful bears fed and it has helped to keep the areas outside of the youth club clean and will help to deter the squirrels.

All in all a great project.