Parent Partnership Project

What is Parent Partnership?


We are encouraging parents to participate in home learning activities with their children aged 2-5. The programme includes work around transitions and helping children to settle into primary school. We are also supporting parents with ideas for activities to do at home with their children to enhance their learning and development. Workshops are held in local schools, nursery settings and in the local community. Each session is based around a theme, with parents able to access worksheets and further ideas to do at home.

We have been using the book Handa’s Surprise as our theme for the current sessions.


Week 1


We made fruit basket hats and talked about the shapes, colours and sizes of the fruits. We began a discussion between the parents and children to talk about the size, shape and colour of everyday objects at home.


Week 2


We made fruit scented play dough and discussed the different scents and colours used. We talked about mixing colours and making different animals and fruit shapes from the play dough. Parents helped their children to weigh and measure items at home and start mixing colours using different mediums. We also encouraged children to explore different scents and textures of everyday objects.


Week 3


We made fruit salad and talked about different tastes of fruit and which we liked and disliked. We worked more on getting the children to begin to recognise the fruits and their colours. Whilst encouraging the parents to allow their children to practice chopping and cutting and to have fun with cookery activities at home together.


Week 4


We made animal masks and discussed different animals and their sounds. The parents discussed different animal habitats with their children and started to identify different animals in the environment.


Week 5


Today we made a matching pairs game of animals and talked about similarities and differences between them. We encouraged the parents to play similar games at home using other items and to label the pictures used as well as playing games of opposites.


Handa’s Surprise Activity Cards


You can have a go at the sessions activities yourself. Parent partnership share an activity card with simple instructions to support you with your child’s learning at home. This is great for parents to repeat the activity themselves. Click below to see the full activity sheets: