At YMCA Childcare we know that a varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and active participation during their time at nursery and home.

All menus are set by our chef Emma, based in Lowestoft. Meals are then freshly cooked and prepared on each premises. Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients complying with all dietary and nutrition requirements. Hot and freshly prepared meals and snacks are offered for children five times a day. In addition to drinks at meal times, drinking water is available throughout the day.

The menu is changed seasonally and the menu is subject to change. You can see YMCA Childcare’s current menu below.

Children are able to provide their own packed lunch instead of a nursery meal.

If you are receiving a grant funded place, then please be aware that there is a charge for breakfast/lunch/tea if the session covers the meal period. Breakfast will be charged at 85p per meal, Lunch at £3.50 per meal and Tea £1.95 per meal.


Autumn Menus


We have two menus for the Autumn and they will alternate each week to ensure a fresh and varied diet that all our children will enjoy.



Allergen Information


Allergen information is available on request from YMCA Childcare staff or by downloading the full menu.

Please make sure to inform us at YMCA Childcare if your child is allergic to anything.

If you require further advice please speak to a member of YMCA Childcare staff.