Easy Peasy Pods relaunch party

On Tuesday (4 May 2021) at our Parent & Child Provision in Ipswich, we held our relaunch party for Easy Peasy Pod sessions and the reopening of the parent and child room.

During the party, we got the parents to do a handprint of their hand and their child’s onto a canvas which will be hung in the room to mark the start of Easy Peasy Pods 2021. The six weeks activity cards, which will be focused around the first book “Mad about Minibeasts”, were on display for parents to look at and pass on any ideas onto staff to be incorporated into the activities.

There was party food for both the parents and children including a cake. Parents were excited with the new look Easy Peasy Pods room with it’s bright colours and the four seasonal trees and the children also had a great time enjoying the new surroundings. Each parent was also given a bookstart and goodie bag to take with them.

Easy Peasy Pod’s first session will begin on Monday 10 May 2021.