CYPS bedrooms and laundry room receive makeover

This lockdown has been very productive for CYPS as staff and residents have worked really hard in giving the bedrooms and laundry rooms a new look.

Moving in can be extremely daunting for a young person and having a welcoming and homely bedroom can make such a difference.

Using the colours of The YMCA, feature pattern walls were created.

Since the makeover, three residents have moved in and their reactions were very positive:


“This bedroom is lovely”  

“This bedroom is much nicer than my last placement”

“I’ve never had a bedroom like this before; I didn’t think it would be so nice”


Lindsey Bartlett, Deputy Accommodation Manager and Katie Bird, Senior Project Worker would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff in CYPS for their amazing hard work during lockdown as well as Brewers Decorator Centre in Ipswich for their kind donations of paint.