Cresset accommodation receives further refurb

Our facilities department has just completed another refurbishment of a licence unit at the Cresset. These refurbishments are undertaken by the inhouse maintenance team which enables cost savings against contractor costs. However, the downside is that work can take longer to complete as day-to-day duties continue across the other sites. This can increase the void costs but is always considered a trade off when you consider we have a void allowance of 10%.

A part of this upgrade is the installation of a leakproof shower cubicle in place of the bath in the current layouts which will, in time, have a direct impact on our utilities costs and our environmental impact by the expected reduction in water consumption and energy required to heat this.

This unit has also benefited from an electrical upgrade including a new Distribution Board with RCD protection and low energy LED lighting and new accessories throughout. This has increased the electrical safety within the unit for its occupants.

The room has also been fully redecorated including new furniture and flooring.