Supporting Families

Break4Change Holding Work is a six week group work programme supporting parents/carers and young people in building healthy relationships. It has been designed to support participants pre or post a full 10 week programme, or can be used as stand alone support.

It aims to help break behaviour patterns where a young person (11 – 17yrs) is:


  • Controlling in the home environment where parents are having to modify their own behaviour through fear of consequences
  • Being violent or aggressive towards the parent/carer, using weapons
  • Putting the parent or carer down/name calling
  • Missing from home as a use of control/not attending school
  • Making threats/unreasonable demands with consequences
  • Hurting siblings either physically or emotionally·
  • Any behaviour used by a young person to control, dominate or coerce parents/carers.  It is intended to threaten and intimidate and puts family safety at risk
  • Demanding/stealing money


We work with families where there is physical violence and some where there is no physical violence however there is a high level of coercive control.

Parent/carer and young people’s groups work in parallel, however, in separate rooms.


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The free programme runs throughout the year. Please see contact us on 07799 901502 or