Promoting Healthy Relationships

Domestic abuse is a widespread social problem and living with domestic abuse is a painful and damaging experience. For the 750,000 children who witness domestic abuse each year, the damaging effects can be long lasting and impact on every area of their lives.

There is a growing recognition that the home lives of children and young people can have a significant impact on their ability to participate fully in school life and achieve academically. Furthermore, children and young people are the next generation of potential victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse. Schools are therefore in a key position to raise the issue of domestic abuse in a safe, structured, learning environment. In particular schools can:


  • challenge the myths that perpetuate domestic abuse;
  • support children to seek help and safety;
  • model and promote healthy, non-violent relationships



With this in mind, YMCA Trinity is delivering ‘Expect Respect’ written by Women’s Aid. Each lesson plan is targeted at each specific year group designed to be delivered to young people aged 11- 24 years of age.


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