Family Respect Project

What is the Family Respect project?


Our Family Respect project is part of a larger domestic abuse programme across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire which is being funded by the Home Office. The programme in its entirety has three strands which focus on: stalking and harassment, healthy relationships and child to parent abuse.

The project focuses on working with children and young people who display any abusive behaviours towards their parents and carers and other people in their family. The work is being led by YMCA Trinity Group through collaboration with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Respect UK.

The focus of our Family Respect project is to support families who are experiencing child to parent abuse with a particular focus on working with the child or young person to facilitate change and growth within the family.


Can I make a referral to Family Respect?


Perhaps a child or young person you know is showing physical or violent behaviours towards other people in their home? Maybe they have caused damage to items in their home, or to items which belong to someone else?  Have they used coercion and manipulation to control the freedom and choices of other people they live with? It could be that they use verbal insults or threats to other family members? Or perhaps the abuse focuses on stealing or demanding money, or other people’s property?

Abuse takes many forms, and the signs are often invisible to those on the outside of it.

If you know a young person between 10 and 16 years of age who needs support because of any abusive behaviours they are exhibiting towards their parents or carers, or towards other people in their home, this could be a well-suited programme for them to get involved with.

How does the Family Respect work take place?


Our Family Respect project works with the child or young person in a face-to-face environment (where this is possible) over several weeks, working with them as part of the solution, rather than viewing them as the problem.

Our intention is to rebuild family relationships and create long lasting change in for everyone in the family, by providing healthy and sustainable approaches to manage conflict.

If you’d like to talk to someone in the Family Respect team, please get in contact with the team by email:

What consent do I need to have from the family?


By submitting a referral to the Family Respect programme, it is a mandatory requirement and expectation that you have already gathered consent from anyone who has parental responsibility for the child or young person so that we can contact the family.

You must obtain consent from the young person themselves where they are able to give their own consent.

The consent must identify that the family agree to being contacted by the Family Respect project.

You must have gained this consent from all relevant people prior to the referral form being submitted to us.


Make a referral


If you have a young person in mind, please complete our Family Respect online referral form.


Make a Referral