Appropriate Adult

On the 1 August 2018, YMCA Trinity was commissioned to run the Appropriate Adult Service in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, taking over the Peterborough Scheme from the Youth Offending Service. We also provide an Appropriate Adult service to Kings Lynn Police Investigation Centre. This service supports Cambridgeshire vulnerable detainees at that facility.

We have supported 725 vulnerable people in the last twelve months in Cambridgeshire. In Peterborough, the figure was 889.

The Appropriate Adult role was created in law in 1984, and is required for the mentally vulnerable and under 18s. An Appropriate Adult is required to be present at a number of points, for example: when the person is told their rights and entitlements, when they are interviewed and when they are charged. The Appropriate Adult will normally be the parent or guardian; when they are unwilling, inappropriate or unable to attend, we provide an Appropriate Adult.

Our Appropriate Adults are well trained and very committed local volunteers. Whenever we represent a vulnerable adult or young person in custody, we provide them with the right support, guidance and a caring lead to make sure they are treated properly. It is important young people and vulnerable adults receive the correct entitlements and are aware of their rights whilst they are in what can often be a daunting situation. This is where our appropriate adults play an invaluable part.

As an Appropriate Adult, volunteers are called to Police Stations in Cambridge, Kings Lynn and Peterborough between 9am and 10pm to cover a morning, afternoon or evening shift. Each site has a separate team of volunteers and we are always looking for extra help from people that live close to these locations.

If you would like to find out more about the service we provide or would like to volunteer please email Lee Adamson (Cambridge and Kings Lynn) or Mike Sampson (Peterborough) or read our appropriate adult volunteer page.

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Between 2016-2017 Appropriate Adult helped 713 young people, an increase of 25% from the previous year.

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