A very busy spider

Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have started on our new book A Very Busy Spider, a fun multisensory book about a little spider weaving her web. We read through the book with our mums and their children learning about the little spider and what she has got up to during her day.

After reading through the book we have been painting our own spiders using different materials, we have used cardboard tubes and even our hands to make our own very busy spiders. We all had a lot of fun and even some of the little ones who don’t normally like getting messy got their hands stuck in to the paint!

Week 2

This week in Easy Peasy Pods for a very busy spider, we have continued to encourage the babies to create their own spiders and insects.

We read through the book for the babies to see the spider on the journey through the story and all the other animals the spider gets to interact with throughout.

Some of the babies created their own spiders using their hands, using different coloured paints. They got to experience sensory play through the paint, creating different marks on the paper. Others wanted to create their spiders using pens, again creating their own marks on the paper. We also had one of our pregnant mums create a fly for our spider web.

During the session our parents with children enjoyed involving the mum who is pregnant and all getting covered in paint.

Week 3

We started this week session of Easy Peasy Pods by reading through the book to remind ourselves of all the different animals meets along his journey through the book.

We continued to add to our very busy spider display, using different resources to make a sunshine.

The mums and their children enjoyed the social environment of todays session, as we welcomed back a former resident and her child into the group today.

Week 4

This week for Easy Peasy Pods we have made spiders to decorate our parent and child room.

Residents and their children were given a variety of craft resources to create their own spider. Some of the older children enjoyed drawing on the spiders before we put them up in the room.

We read through the book and encouraged the children who could to copy some of the words from the book, including all the animals.

Week 5

This week during Easy Peasy Pods we have created spider webs. We created these using glue and glitter on coloured paper.

The children enjoyed the sensory play with the glue, making lots of mess! We also enjoyed covering the paper with glitter, which ended up going everywhere which caused lots of laughter from the children.

We spent time reading books as well with the children and getting involved in group time. This included one of our babies taking her first steps with a walker, which got lots of praise from everyone in the room!

Week 6

For the last week of a very busy spider we have made flash cards for the book. The flash cards can be used to help the babies learning their first words copy the words and help develop their speech development. The residents are then able to add this to the other flash cards they have made from the other books and use as a learning tool.