World Mental Health Day – Introducing our new mental wellbeing mobile app

Today, Wednesday 10 October is World Mental Health Day, and to mark the day here at YMCA Trinity Group we are officially announcing the launch of our new, innovative mobile app for schools which monitors and supports users’ mental health – Feel Stress Freein partnership with Thrive.

YMCA Trinity Group offer a wide range of mental health services in schools such as clinical interventions, whole school wellbeing strategies and a  comprehensive programme of training.

Since Menu Of Services launched in April 2015, we have worked with 64 schools across the region to support over 1,500 students through the provision of 9,254 hours of therapeutic interventions. We have also trained over 900 teachers in 178 schools in just 18 months, and work closely with other services to increase awareness and standards in well-being provision.

Following a successful pilot with a select number of schools across our region, Feel Stress Free is now being offered alongside our existing services, improving understanding of issues facing a school’s cohort of students and staff to aid early intervention.

The app uses games and activities to assess users’ mental wellbeing on a daily basis – not just those who have already been identified as being in need of support. It analyses the results and suggests activities clinically proven to improve mental health resilience.

Through a unique partnership with the developers, Thrive, we are now able to offer schools the opportunity to purchase the app on behalf of their students and staff from just £2 per user per year. This is a fantastic innovation from YMCA Trinity Group and we’re extremely excited to be able to incorporate this into our offering for schools and young people across the region.

If you would like to find out more about Feel Stress Free please get in touch or visit our website. You will also see us on BBC Look East (West) tonight at 6.30pm as part of our work with local schools. Please do feel free to share this with anyone who you feel might be interested in the app itself.

The mental health of our young people is extremely important and we are committed to creating supportive, inclusive and transforming communities where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.